Sterling Silver Masonic Rings by Signo Art

Sterling Silver Masonic Rings by Signo Art

The Masonic rings symbolizes a fraternity to Freemason group. People use a number of different items in order to show their fealty to this group. The believers wear the highly popular freemason rings on fingers of their right hands and a number of top leaders or celebrities sport their beliefs proudly through such jewelry items. The design or crest on these rings is either compasses or squares, which are commonly used.

While there is no specific, symbolism inherent in these designs, those who wear it abide by specific good tidings or virtues and they quest for the deep knowledge inherent in human life. Within Freemason community, a number of Grand Lodges are present that determine specific leaderships. Based on the governing principles of specific leaders, rules or beliefs may vary quite drastically from Lodges to Lodges. While these Grand Lodges may come with varying beliefs, even then the common goal tends to remain the same.

This common goal is reflected by the presence of compass or square designs presented in Masonic rings that the believers wear. There is a high veil of secrecy related to the crests belonging to different Grand Lodges. The reason behind this is to keep the knowledge regarding teachings, symbols, and the secret words related to Freemasons away from general public knowledge. Many times, people belonging to this group communicate with each other in different sign languages.

So, how does the election of Freemasons occur? There are specific election procedures to ensure that only the best candidate can find a place in the group and abides by its belief throughout. For starters, interested candidate will have to petition to specific Lodges. However, in order to get elected finally, they will need to win through a ballot where every current member will cast votes to show their approval or disapproval. Based on this, the selection procedure will progress.

Only men belonging to the age group 18-25 having stellar reputation and good morals can join the Freemason community. Only such people will be able to get a membership vote after coming through a successful election process. Those who belong to this community are believers in the existence of a Supreme Being besides abiding by the teachings of science and art. However, in order to gain strength and power, one needs to work hard in order to gain a universal understanding.

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