Get Your Bushido On With the Samurai Ring

Get Your Bushido On With the Samurai Ring

The Japanese samurai are at the top of the heap when it comes to loyalty and fighting prowess. History has them as not just the warriors to beat but also as honorable men who stayed loyal to the end. This is the sort of combination that you want to boast of in your personal dealings. This is why Signo’s samurai ring should be at the top of your want list.

If you want your biker club to have a unique and impressive set of rings to show off their camaraderie, Signo Rings is the dealer to buy from. A biker ring from them has all the hallmarks of a custom job, with special attention taken to each ring. A traditional Japanese blacksmith folds the metal for a samurai katana a thousand times to get its unique cutting edge. You can bet that the people behind this silver samurai ring put in the same level of dedication into it.

Great Design

Let’s begin with the design. When you first see this ring, you will immediately notice its unique samurai helmet design. This sterling silver samurai ring catches a person’s eye quickly with the large design. When you wear it, it will completely dominate your ring finger and is a solid presence on your hand.

The design is great and full of great details. To understand more, here’s an in-depth look at it. First, there’s the dominating feature: the helmet. For samurai fans, they would know that the helmet is divided into two parts: the kabuto and the mempo.

The kabuto part is what covers the head. The kabuto is very symbolic in samurai terms. There’s even a saying that you don’t take off your kabuto even if you’ve already won – which means you shouldn’t lower your guard even after a victory. Kabuto often have impressive crests and decorations. This particular one has a simple pair of “horns” rising from the front to symbolize ferocity.

The lower part of the helmet is the mempo. This covers everything from nose to chin. Samurai used mempo to give themselves a more frightening face during combat. The stylized features gave the wearers faintly demonic look that would impress and frighten many an opponent.

Besides the helmet, there are other features on the ring. Right beside the helmet are a pair of katana. The essential symbol of samurai dominance, the curved, single-edged swords are highly popular all over the world. This popularity is thanks to the many samurai movies over the years but also thanks to what they symbolize.

A katana is about being deadly yet disciplined. A Japanese katana is the product of hours upon hours of labor as the steel that goes into it is folded and refolded. At the very least, a blacksmith folds the metal a thousand times. When they are done, they sharpen the steel to a razor’s edge. The very best can cut silk with just a single pass. Showing this off on your ring means that you strive for perfection in what you do.

After the katana are the fan and the quiver of arrows. The quiver is no surprise. The Japanese samurai were horse archers first before they became swordsmen. Archery is all about focus and determination, as well as accuracy. You hit what you aim for is what having the arrows on your ring means.

The fan is a bit of a surprise. However, let’s not forget that besides being warriors, the samurai were also Japan’s bureaucracy. They kept the government running up until the 20th century. This just goes to show that you are not just about kicking ass and taking names – you also know when it’s time to get down to business.


 That’s a hell of a lot of symbolism that goes into a silver biker ring. Signo Rings knows that if you’re into that much symbolism in your rings, then you don’t want something made by a machine. Other ring makers would sell you something that their automated 3D sculptor just fabricated. However, the people behind this ring know that you want a rings that is special.

This is why each and every ring with this design, and others from the manufacturer, are all hand-made. Yes, that will delay it for some time. However, in this world of instant products, having to wait for your ring makes it even more special. This is because you know that the people crafting it are putting in an effort to making an individual masterpiece.

It starts from the moment the ring is cast. This is no mass-production model. Hand casting is the rule of the day here. This means that the cast and the pouring pass through human hands. Exact care is taken to ensure that nothing goes wrong with it. Unlike other makers, Signo does not use wax molds but work directly from the metal.

The ring maker then waits for the metal to cool. When that happens, the hard part begins. The casting gives the ring its initial shape. However, the maker still needs to put in minute details of this ring. They are not going to do it all in one go. Haste makes waste so they do it one by one, paying full attention to the design so that in the end you get a product that you will be proud to show off. When this ring arrives on your doorstep, you can be sure that it is the product of a lot of sweat and effort.

The Spirit of Bushido

 This is why you’ll want this ring on your finger. The symbolism and the attention to detail combine to create an incredible product that will catch the eye of anyone looking at your hand. It also ensures that even if the rings shares a design with others, you are getting a one-of-a-kind creation. Each casting is different and it will have quirks that make it different from others.

If ou want to wear a ring with pride and honor, this samurai ring from Signo Rings is the product for you.

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