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Biker Jewelry: Gear Up Your Ride With a Wild Attitude

Simply flaunting the tag of a biker won't get you the real attitude and wildness. It's the accessories that sparks up the real biker instinct from within and this is what has made biker jewelry a new fashion trend amongst men and women. Known to have originated after 1950's, this biker lifestyle became popular after seeing the bike love of people. Symbol of freedom, wildness and intensity, biker jewelry lets you show off your carefree attitude in the most [...]

Custom Design Biker Skull Rings

Should you be a passionate biker then you will have to know the value of utilizing suitable biking accessories and also the value they add to your character. Bikers are normally incredibly concerned about their biking accessories and they're prepared to go any extent to get the appropriate accessories. Biker skull rings are one of several most well known and significant accessories that are recognized to reflect the personality in the biker. Bikers feel proud to put on rings [...]