All about Skull Design: Skull Ring and Other Jewelry Pieces

All about Skull Design: Skull Ring and Other Jewelry Pieces

All about Skull Design: Skull Ring and Other Jewelry Pieces

Wearing jewelry is one of the numerous ways of self-expression. Apparently, one’s preference defines a huge portion of his personality. For instance, a person who frequently wears a skull ring is perceived as strong and tough. Some even say that this type of jewelry is among the most appealing pieces a man would wear.

Are you among those men who love wearing jewelry? What do you think of wearing a masonic ring? In this article, we will discuss about a particular brand of sterling silver skull ring and some general thoughts about jewelry and men.

Large Skull Ring 925 Sterling Silver Mens Biker Jewelry

This featured silver skull ring comes with an original gothic design and is included in a limited edition set. 100 percent handcrafted, it uses ancient cold carving method. It features hand casting and hand finishing.

This handmade Signo Rings skull ring comes in sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. It might be a great present for your loved ones; hence you may want to check these sizes out. It may weigh 20 grams of 925 sterling silver depending on the size.

Apart from being handmade, one advantage that you may find in this product is its 30-day return policy. Should you not be satisfied with the item, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund. Just make sure to return it in its original condition.

Lastly, you may immediately contact the seller for concerns and get a reply within one business day. This is an indication of a good support service provided to customers.

Men and Jewelry

There are numerous ideas and notions about skull designs that the society has dictated over the years. One example is the thought that men should not wear jewelry. While it has become more acceptable these days, some think of it as a status symbol which favors women wearing jewelry more. At times, men wearing jewelry are associated with homosexuality.

On the other hand, numerous people think that men wearing jewelry are stylish and indeed appealing. Johnny Depp is one example of a proud man wearing jewelry, and lots of people (particularly women) like him.

As for men wearing skull jewelry, they can go with it in different styles: rocker, punk, goth, punk rock, rockabilly, and a lot more. You can wear a skull ring or other pieces of skull jewelry with a lot of styles as your inspiration. And of course, you are at liberty to match it with other pieces of jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

Meanwhile, skulls are also perceived as a reminder of mortality. But as earlier mentioned, it has also become a representation of tough people; for instance, rockers, bikers, and criminals. And apart from being worn as jewelry, skulls alongside bones are also used as home decor. You can find skulls just anywhere.

Why Exactly do People Wear Skull Jewelry?

Indeed, skulls have become a huge part of fashion trends. While it is the men who mostly wear pieces of skull jewelry, women are also starting to wear them these days. In fact, some engagement rings likewise come in skull designs.

People have different reasons for opting to wear skull jewelry and accessories. Below are some:

  • They want to follow the popular fashion trends.

As mentioned earlier, skull designs have been a part of fashion trends these days; therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to try wearing skull jewelry. Moreover, some prefer designer skull rings adorned with gold, silver, diamonds, or gemstones.

These days, the fashion industry has entirely accepted the trend especially due to the fact that there are numerous meanings associated with the skull. Any type of person — man or woman — can easily identify with skull designs; hence the continuous popularity. As you may already expect, some pieces of skull jewelry are costly.

  • It is a means of celebrating life.

For your information, civilizations in some parts of the world view the skull as something that symbolizes the death and rebirth cycle. In ceremonies, they use actual bones to pierce the skin and create jewelry.

In addition to this, some people wear skull jewelry to celebrate their loved ones’ past lives. It likewise indicates their belief in life after death. It is also a representation at celebrating a person’s own life, particularly transformation or rebirth.

  • It symbolizes toughness.

Again, skull designs represent toughness. Inspired by previous centuries’ symbolism, different groups of people are now wearing skull jewelry to signify membership. Among those groups are gun clubs, motorcycle gangs, and seemingly rebellious groups.

Additionally, some wear skull rings to boost confidence, display strength, and show masculinity. Some also do it to show their courage in facing various adversities.

  • Skull designs are versatile.

The flexibility of skulls is one of the biggest reasons why the design has earned a spot in the popular fashion trends. You may find skulls as the main design of a product; but at times, you may also find them integrated with other components: crosses representing the beginning of mankind; crossbones symbolizing eternity, poison, or danger; butterflies representing life’s changing nature; snakes showing depiction of immortality; bows symbolizing recent feminine embrace of the skull; and wings representing freedom in relation to the release of the dead.

The versatility of skull designs appeals so much to users. You may see them as they are or being paired with various accessories and garments.

There are numerous more reasons why people opt for skull designs. Do more research, and you might also find your very own inspiration.


Biker rings, masonic rings, and a lot more types of rings — which do you prefer? Wear skull rings or other pieces jewelry, and you’ll surely be “in” when it comes to fashion. But, make sure to really know why you are wearing a jewelry piece with such design. Is it a part of your self-expression, or would you merely like to follow a fashion trend? Is there something your want to represent?

Whatever it is you want to wear or use, make sure to bring them with confidence. Make sure they indeed represent a part of who you truly are.

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