About Us

Signo Art Ltd Celebrates Tough Individuality with Handcrafted Jewelry

Signo Art, the company that directs and controls the Signo Rings line of jewelry, continue to satisfy the needs of men and women with rebel attitudes with their custom line of sterling silver biker rings. Since its founding in the early part of 2016, Sign Rings and its undeniably fascinating designs have beguiled countless rebels in search of artful jewelry that’s different and better than the mundane offerings of the mainstream fashion industry.

“Most of our clientele are bikers, but you don’t actually have to ride a motorcycle to have a biker mentality,” asserts Stoyan Stoyanov, the nonconformist founder of the Signo Art design studio. “The biker mentality is present in people who do not wish to blindly join in trends, who regard themselves as the final arbiter of what’s right and wrong, and who insist on celebrating their individuality in the face of increasing conformity.”

The Design

Most rings today are inoffensive in looks, and they’re meant to be pretty. That’s not the case with the Signo Rings line of jewelry.

The emphasis is on dark, non-mainstream design iconography that focuses on courage and individuality. It’s a concept that’s welcomed by bikers, rock musicians, artist, and rebels of every type. Each ring is part of a limited edition and custom rings are available as well.

The rings feature designs meant to highlight otherworldly concerns and to emphasize the individual in the face of increasing conformity and political correctness. The skull design is perhaps its most prevalent and most famous symbol, but this is a classic emblem that has come to symbolize the fight against conventionality.

“The skull symbol is obviously associated with death, and it’s not exactly pretty when you look at it,” admits Stoyanov. “But that nonconformity to conventional standards of beauty and to the rules of mainstream society is its own appeal.”

Indeed, the skull symbol has been embraced by numerous groups known to flaunt the standards of conventional rules. Perhaps the most famous bands of outlaws to adopt the skull as their symbol were the sea pirates hundreds of years ago. The sight of the skull and crossbows banner in the high seas inspired terror throughout the seafaring world.

With Signo Rings, skull icons have been joined by other mystical symbols and designs meant to portray the otherworldly and the toughness and courage that go with the lack of fear of death.

These symbols include imagery portraying warrior angels such as St. Michael the Archangel and Warrior of God, as well goat demons and snakes which symbolize the unwillingness to submit to authority and the rules.

Other popular icons include weaponry, armor, and other artifacts of war and battle. These include icons of samurai warrior masks, cowboy hats, guns, and swords. Some designs are reminiscent of tattoo symbols, and others come with gemstones. Others seven seem plain at first, but their purity of design comes with its own undeniable appeal.

“All these symbols portray the sense of unwillingness to blindly follow conventional rules, and many today chafe at rules that stifle creativity and expression,” explains Stoyanov. “In the end, our rings celebrate freedom of self, and that’s a concept that held dear by the brave all over the world.”

The Craftsmanship

The ways these rings are made are also vastly different from the coldly efficient manufacturing methods in today’s world. Nowadays, the emphasis has been more and more about profit and mass production, and not on quality and artistic expression. That’s a manufacturing trend that’s perfectly illustrated by many world-famous brands that have switched to using cheap labor in Third World countries where no one bothers with quality control.

In contrast, the jewelry produced by Signo Rings has been made by ancient jewelry techniques such as cold carving.   This method means that these rings have been cast and finished by hand. For these tasks, Signo Rings didn’t just hire cheap labor. Instead, they have skilled artists who have the talent and the attitude to breathe life into these works of art.

“Our typical customers are quite discriminating, and they can somehow feel the difference between a lifeless mass-produced consumer item and our rings that come with unmistakable vitality and life,” explains Stoyanov. “We only release limited editions of each design, and each ring goes through a thorough quality assurance process so that each customer enjoys the highest level of quality we are able to come up with.”

Some of the rings are plated, which can help the rings shine and last for a very long time. Other rings come with a rustic finish that convey a sense of timelessness and antiquity, which runs counter to the trend of planned obsolescence and disposable consumer products.

The Clientele

It’s no surprise that bikers remain the most common type of buyers of Signo Rings, but the biker attitude is becoming more and more embraced in this world of conformity.

It’s the attitude of rebellious artists who produce art with passion, and the mentality of rock musicians who create memorable outbursts of fury. It’s the defiance of indie filmmakers, the toughness of warriors such as soldiers, and the rebelliousness of youth.

“Our rings are for those who feel throttled by all the chains of conventions that don’t make sense and that simple stifle artistic and creative expression,” stresses Stoyanov. “We don’t care about fashion fads, or what’s trending online. We care about individuality, passion, and quality, and we know that our customers share our affinity for these principles as well.”

About Signo Art Ltd: Founded by Stoyan Stoyanov, Signo Art Ltd is the design company behind the meteoric rise of the new Signo Rings line of alternative rings made from sterling silver as well as gold and precious gemstones. The company employs artists and craftsman who use ancient jewelry-making techniques to infuse the rings with the authentic vitality missing in mass-produced consumer items. These rings can be found and purchased at http://signorings.com/ while announcements of new designs may be publicized at https://www.facebook.com/signorings/.