A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings

When people think of wearing rings, they often come to the most popular example: wedding rings. A lot of people assume that when you wear a ring, you’re in a marriage or a committed relationship. The other idea that comes up with rings is feminine wear. It’s a piece of jewelry so a lot of people think its the province of women to wear it.

However, rings are a lot more than jewelry. In ancient times, rings were symbols of power. Noble lords wore signet rings that indicated their authority. Even today, cardinals and popes of the Catholic Church wear rings that supplicants to show their respect. So wearing rings is there to send a message.

However, just like any language, you can quite easily send the wrong message. If you don’t want to make any missteps with your ring wearing, here’s a simple guide on how to wear a ring for men like you.

Why Wear a Ring

There are several reasons why a man like you would want to wear a ring. Theses reasons are often about the ring to be worn. Here’s a short list to get you acquainted.

  • Strangely enough, there are quite a few families that have specific rings for their members. This custom traces back to the medieval era and nobility, when families had a coat of arms and heraldry. Though a lot of the noble families who have this have died out, there are still families in Europe that keep the tradition. In addition, some modern families picked up the tradition and ran with it. If your family has a family ring, it is probably a big one so that each member can recognize each other instantly.
  • Culture and Religion. Marriage is a big cultural touchstone and a wedding ring is the most common purpose for a ring. However, there are other religious and cultural reasons why you would wear rings. For example, Catholics have rosary rings, used for praying the rosary without being obvious. Another example is the Claddagh ring of Irish folk tradition.
  • Some rings are to indicate a person’s membership in a group. Naval academy rings are a very popular example of this as graduates from all over the world receive a graduation ring as a sign of their attendance of a particular naval institution. This also applies to various other organizations. This ranges from biker gangs to fraternities.
  • Sometimes, you just want to look good. As a unique accessory, a stylish ring is very hard to beat. It is often a statement of wealth and power. Wearing a fancy gold ring with a huge jewel on it is not just for ladies anymore after all. Or you might want a fancy handmade silver ring from makers like Signo Rings.

Which Ring to Wear

Rings are pieces of jewelry and making the right selection can make and break your look. There are several factors to consider when picking out a ring to wear. Here’s a brief overview.

Size. Bigger is not always better when it comes to rings. You’ll want a ring that looks right on your hand. There’s a very simple rule of thumb to follow: large hands need

  • large rings, small hands need small rings. You’ll also want the rings to be the right size – you don’t want them to slip off your hand or cut off your circulation.
  • The choice of metal is also important. Nowadays, gold and sterling silver rings are the dominant choices. It all comes down to your outfit or your intended purpose. Gold is a yellow tone and works well with warm tones like brown and other bright ones like blue. However, they can potentially clash with other colors. Silver is a more neutral tone and can work with darker colors. Try to stay in one color tone for your outfit. This means if you wear silver, try to wear black for a timeless look, while golden rings can create a warmer impression if you pair them with bright colors.
  • The design of a ring can range from simple golden band to very artistic pieces. Try not to be ostentatious when it comes to rings. This doesn’t mean you can’t get fancy though. Wear something that symbolic to get conversations started or to catch people’s eyes. Jewelry is there to impress people and that should be your aim.

How to Wear the Ring

Your choice of ring is just the beginning. You’ll need to wear it right, too, if you want to get the most effect from them. Each ring on your finger symbolizes something different and wearing a ring on one of them should be done intentionally.

  • Little finger. Your pinky is a great location for wearing rings that don’t have much meaning. These are usually rings you just want to show off. This is mostly because your little finger doesn’t interfere much with other fingers and it doesn’t have a general meaning in most cultures.
  • Ring finger. Your fourth finger is usually where wedding bands and engagement rings go. You’d usually wear these on this finger, either the left or the right. You might also want to wear rings with sentimental value on this finger.
  • Middle finger. The middle finger is where you want to wear ring that draws attention. This is thanks to its central position. Whatever ring you wear here, it will catch people’s eyes immediately.
  • Index finger. Your index finger is where your other symbolic rings go. This is where people wore rings of office and fraternal rings for centuries. It’s just right to continue the tradition.
  • Your thumb has a strange characteristic of being the odd one out from your other fingers. This makes it ideal for wearing a secondary ring, if you plan to wear multiple rings on your hand. It does get in the way of some actions, but if you want a big ring to show off, then your biggest finger should get it.

Show off Some Bling

With this knowledge, you should be able to buy and wear ring without any worries. Try one on now to show off your confidence and style.

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