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Get Your Bushido On With the Samurai Ring

The Japanese samurai are at the top of the heap when it comes to loyalty and fighting prowess. History has them as not just the warriors to beat but also as honorable men who stayed loyal to the end. This is the sort of combination that you want to boast of in your personal dealings. This is why Signo’s samurai ring should be at the top of your want list. If you want your biker club to have a unique [...]

All about Skull Design: Skull Ring and Other Jewelry Pieces

All about Skull Design: Skull Ring and Other Jewelry Pieces Wearing jewelry is one of the numerous ways of self-expression. Apparently, one's preference defines a huge portion of his personality. For instance, a person who frequently wears a skull ring is perceived as strong and tough. Some even say that this type of jewelry is among the most appealing pieces a man would wear. Are you among those men who love wearing jewelry? What do you think of wearing a masonic [...]

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Rings

When people think of wearing rings, they often come to the most popular example: wedding rings. A lot of people assume that when you wear a ring, you’re in a marriage or a committed relationship. The other idea that comes up with rings is feminine wear. It’s a piece of jewelry so a lot of people think its the province of women to wear it. However, rings are a lot more than jewelry. In ancient times, rings were symbols of [...]